About Alumni

Alumni Association is registered as a non-profit organization under the Societies Registration Act., Government of Andhra Pradesh which is managed by a committee of active alumni enrolling members from those who graduate from the institution. There is a strong alumni connect and engagement in the form of annual alumni meets, regular guest lectures and seminars delivered by alumni, internships for students offered by their startups, placement opportunities through employee referral program of their respective workplace.

An Alumni Association is a development partner for the College, its students, and the community. Alumni relationships are lifelong relationships nurturing mutual support and growth. It provides a variety of benefits and services and maintains connections to their educational institution and fellow graduates. The Alumni Association aims to bring all the outstanding individuals together on a single platform. It provides a forum to form new friendships and business relationships with people of similar background. Alumni Meeting, a networking event conceived to exchange experiences and to share ideas with current students, faculties and staff. The alumni meet give an opportunity to renew bonds with past classmates and cherish their relationship with faculties and staff members

Need of Alumni Association

A.M.Reddy memorial College of engineering and technology formed the Alumni association with a vision to promote an inspiring relation with the former students of this college and to motivate current students to maintain a cordial relationship with the institution, thus enhancing the institution’s brand. The need and importance of alumni organizations play a significant role in the growth of any educational institution. The Alumni association is a network of professional contacts which can bring many job opportunities for current students. It can thus help in boosting the employability and support their juniors effectively. The alumni association helps everyone stay connected and the members of alumni can provide a base of mentorship for their juniors. The professionals who belong to different sectors can be brought in one place and their experience would help building the career of their juniors. With that in mind our Alumni Association can collectively improve the stature of our institution.


The Alumni Association aims to link the alumni to the institution, develop synergistic plans to support the institution and achieve its vision and to enable the Institute to add value to all its stakeholders.

All graduates who have undergone programs from AMRN including B. Tech, M. Tech, MBA programs above a certain duration automatically become eligible to be an Alumni Association member.

Objective of Alumni Association

  • Provide a forum and platform to create and encourage a sense of belonging among the alumni, the present students and the staff.
  • To develop a spirit of loyalty among the alumni which will prompt them to work for the all-round development of the college.
  • To exchange ideas and knowledge for mutual development and create a healthy academic, social and cultural atmosphere.
  • To bring together all the talents of the Alumni who will render voluntary services to the college, especially to the needy students of the college by sponsoring scholarships, prizes, and stipends.
  • To provide information of employment opportunities in various fields to students- present and past and give proper direction to them.
  • To bring about contact between the past and present students by holding periodical Alumni Day Celebrations as may be decided by the executive committee.

Functions of Alumni Association

The primary function of Alumni association is to start the network of former graduates, who will in turn solicit donations that helps the institution to branch out its fame. Successful graduates from the association can help with career development of other graduates, who are pursuing, and also for other graduates in the association. Online portals and platforms should be designed for the adequate functioning of the coalition. The association should also adopt core values of excellence and advocacy. It also conducts certain special social events for the students to be felt connected with the college and hence developing working relationship with other Alumni council members. It also functions as a great resource to grant scholarships, job postings, and online resources for job seekers.

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