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Diploma in Civil Engineering

The Department of Diploma in Civil Engineering at our institution is the most coveted of all other departments, served by the most committed team. The department abounds with eminent teaching staff that is highly skilled and motivated. The technical staff provides quality education. It is well established with the state-of- the-art laboratories to cater the needs of the students and to fully satisfy the training needs of the students and to meet the research and consultancy requirements of the department. Students of the department are actively participating in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities apart from giving their best in academics. Conducting seminars, workshops and conferences on the latest developments and arranging internships, industrial visits and expert lectures for the benefit of the students are regular features in the department. The department is playing an active role in conducting seminars, workshops etc. in all major disciplines of Engineering. By the end of the course students are ready to work on the planning, design and construction of buildings, roads, bridges, water supply systems or sewage systems

Department Vision

To produce universally qualitative, competitive and well determined civil engineers endowed with ethical and human values to serve the society and strive for innovative technologies that destine the economic development of nation

Department Mission

  1. To mould the students has efficient entrepreneurs and to inculcate self confidence and all-round development of the students through eminent lectures, effective training programs, field visits and various technical seminars.
  2. To Build-up the students with generic knowledge of all the areas of civil engineering to prepare them ready for industrial needs.
  3. To establish the laboratories with state of the art equipment and provide facilities to meet the academic, research and consultancy needs by updating the physical infrastructure.
  4. To make aware of global economic trends and train to contribute to the nation building.
  5. To contribute for the welfare of the society by producing qualitative and quantitative civil engineering graduates by engaging them in service oriented training and development programs.
  6. To develop strong bondage with relevant industries, institutes of higher learning and most coveted research organizations

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