AGRI Category

Department of Agriculture Engineering

Department Vision

Our vision aims to establish a premier agricultural engineering department that nurtures skilled and inventive professionals capable of advancing sustainable agriculture through technology integration, innovation in education and pioneering research.”

Department Mission

To providing in-depth knowledge and application of agricultural machineries and associated process with embedded technology. Developing multi disciplinary learning environment with leader ship skills impart training in entrepreneurial and life skills for enhancing employability

Inclusive Excellence: Our department values diversity and strives for inclusive excellence, ensuring equal access to education, fostering a welcoming and diverse community of agricultural engineers. To available opportunities and resources for all.

Global Perspective:  we encourage state, national and international collaboration, exchange knowledge, and the adaptation of best practices from around the world to address local and global agricultural challenges.

Ethical Leadership: We emphasize the development of ethical leadership skills in our students, instilling a sense of responsibility, integrity and social consciousness to guide their decision-making in the agricultural industry. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: We nurture entrepreneurship and innovation, empowering our graduates to identify and seize opportunities for technological advancement and business development in the agricultural sector.

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