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POs, PEOs and PSOs

Program Outcomes (Pos)

  • Engineering Knowledge: Apply the knowledge of basic sciences and engineering fundamentals to solve engineering problems.
  • Problem Analysis: Analyze the complex engineering problems and give solutions related to chemical & allied industries
  • Design/ development of solutions: Identify the chemical engineering problems, design and formulate solutions to solve both industrial & social related problems.
  • Conduct investigations of complex problems: Design & conduct experiments, analyze and interpret the resulting data to solve Chemical Engineering problems
  • Modern tool usage: Apply appropriate techniques, resources and modern engineering & IT tools for the design, modeling, simulation and analysis studies.
  • The engineer and society: Assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and their consequent responsibilities relevant to professional engineering practice
  • Environment and sustainability: Understand the relationship between society, environment and work towards sustainable development.
  • Ethics: Understand their professional and ethical responsibility and enhance their commitment towards best engineering practices.
  • Individual and teamwork: Function effectively as a member or a leader in diverse teams, and be competent to carry out multidisciplinary tasks
  •  Communication: Communicate effectively in both verbal & non-verbal and able to comprehend & write effective reports.
  • Project management and finance: Understand the engineering and management principles to manage the multidisciplinary projects in whatsoever position they are employed.  
  • Life-long learning: Recognize the need of self education and life-long learning process in order to keep abreast with the ongoing developments in the field of engineering

Program educational objectives (PEOs)

PEO-1: Graduate Competence: Our graduates demonstrate competence in the core principles of civil engineering and apply them effectively in professional practice

PEO-2: Continuous Learning: Our graduates pursue lifelong learning and professional growth through advanced degrees, certifications, and continuing education.

PEO-3: Problem Solving and Innovation: Our graduates have the skills to analyze complex engineering problems, think critically, and innovate solutions.

Program specific outcomes (PSOs)

PSO-1: Design and Analysis Skills: Our graduates can design and analyze civil engineering systems, structures, and infrastructure components.

PSO-2: Communication and Teamwork: Our graduates have effective communication skills and can work collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams.

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